Google+ is the Place to Be

Midweek Photo Talk Number 5
If you are a photography pro, n00b, or somewhere in between then there is a great place on the Web to hang out with like minded individuals. Google+ service was quickly populated with photographers from all over the world. I am there daily talking with other photographers and enthusiasts, learning Photoshop tricks and tips, sharing my photography and getting critiques instantly.

One group I have become attached to within the community is The Midweek Photo Talk folks. They are a collection of European and Canadian professional and amateur photogs that have a structured (somewhat) photography chat during 1-2 o’clock central Us time, 8-9 Central European Time. Using Google Hangouts they host a video conference every other week. They post the talk for others to follow on You Tube… I have become the token “American” and have enjoyed trading ideas with my European counterparts.

Daily I use the Google Hangout function as virtual office. As a stay at home dad during the weekdays I usually hangout during the afternoon while my daughter naps. Several other at home photographers and I daily work from our computers with headsets and video cameras going. The subject is not always photography and sometimes there is no conversation at all, just the tapping of keys and clicking of mice. I find it comforting to work “with” someone even if their office is a cottage in Northumbria, UK or an apartment in the Netherlands.

I want to thank Olle Andersson, Andy Gray, Helen Sotiriadis, Rogier Rood, Mark Helm, Andre Appel, and Kev Isabeth for making my time on Google+ an excellent adventure.

If you like photography websites I would check out Andrew Gray’s
If you want to purchase some of Andy’s work try

Another great website is Andre Appel’s, check out

If you like modern architecture, you will love Rogier Rood…



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