All Things Falling Water

Series of photographs from May and June of 2009.  I was still shooting with my Nikon D70.

Photos from the Great Smokey Mountains National Park and Still House Falls, near Columbia, TN.


Photos from the Gulf

Painted Peach


Peaches from Forgie’s Fruit Farm near Lewisbug, TN.


There is something about a peach orchard.  I lived near some large ones in the San Joaquin valley. I was 14 and living on my grandparents’ vineyard.  When the peaches ripened you could smell them for nearly a month baking in the dessert of the valley.

Experimenting with HDR Photography

Here I am experimenting with some HDR software (Photomatix) and some multiple exposures from a tripod.  By “tone mapping” the image we can squeeze down the difference from the lightest parts and darkest parts to see more.  This is one of the downgrades from the film days, film could hold more EV’s in one image than most of today’s digital camera sensors.